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We meet at Juntos Beach Bar, in Playa Gigante. From there a panga will bring you out to the Catamaran anchored on the bay. 


**Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in, fill out waivers, and get the group together. We want you to get the most out of your trip!

Juntos Beach Bar is located 100m south of Playa Gigante's main intersection (just make a left when you get to town and it will be on your right).

What to Bring

what to bring

Just bring yourself! Dress for a day of sun and swimming and enjoy the amenities on board. 

We always provide:

  • Water and fizzy drinks

  • First aid and safety equipment (life vests)

  • Dramamine Tablets

  • Trolling line for fishing

  • Bluetooth Speakers

  • Lots of toys, floaties, snorkel masks, paddle board...

* Feel free to bring your own fun too! * 

Some good ideas:

  • Beach Towels

  • Binoculars

  • Fishing Poles, Spear Guns

  • Swim Fins

  • Table Games 

What to Bring
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To reserve a trip, just make a "Request to Book", - we'll confirm your dates and take a 50% deposit via the payment method of your choice. We accept many forms of international payment (i.e. Wise, or Paypal), credit card, and bank transfers. 

While most trips are all-inclusive, some include a cash bar.

On deck we are cash only - Nicaraguan Cordoba, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars.




Are There Age Limits?

What if there is an Emergency?

Captain Colin Is happy to share the stoke of sailing with you.

Feel free to ask questions of the Captain and staff. We have a passion for sailing and love to share. Our sailing tours however, are not a "hands on" training and we can't allow guests to work the rigging.

You Are As Young As You Feel

We welcome all ages on board but we would like you to keep in mind that physical disabilities may prevent someone from enjoying the trip. Boarding and moving around the boat requires a level of coordination - sudden movements and contests to your balance will occur. So please use your best judgement when deciding if sailing is right for you.

Sailing Can Be Dangerous

Being away from land adds an extra difficulty to emergency situations. 

Captain Colin is level 3 first aid certified and Ashlea level 2, and have experience with wilderness emergency preparedness.

Help us prepare for any possibilities and please alert us ahead of time to any medical conditions, allergies, phobias etc.

Is All-You-Can-Drink a challenge??

No way! Please Be Responsible and Mature

While we do provide unlimited alcohol as part of many packages, we encourage you to drink responsibly.

We promise that you will enjoy your experience much more if you are not stumbling around or feeling sick. And of course, we reserve the right to refuse to continue service to individuals or groups when we feel that safety is compromised. 

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